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As experienced management and financial consultants we bring many advantages, including our experience, energy and ability to focus on bottom-line performance, gained from working across a wide variety of businesses, providing a real return on investment (ROI), measurable advantage to our clients.

We work with clients ON their business, NOT in them.

We Are:

Strategic: in planning

Practical: in doing

Objective: in planning and reviewing outcomes

Focused: on making positive changes with practical solutions and realistic timetables

Delivering: Return on Investment (ROI) that is measurable and verifiable at board level

Cowden Consulting delivers a real return on investment by fully understanding your needs, aspirations, skills and opportunities. We don’t pull our punches or duck the difficult questions.

Providing you with the advantages you need in place in to grow and develop your business, by being objective and focused on the end result, we achieve real return on invest (ROI) for our clients, delivering them the sustainable competitive advantage they need to succeed.

As management and financial consultants one of our unique features is that we provide a detailed plan as part of our delivery process, what you need and how we will deliver it.

Cowden Consulting make things happen (see our testimonials page and case studies for some examples) and give us a call to discuss your needs?


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Did you know: Ben & jerry's ice cream was founded on $12,000 and a $5 ice cream making correspondence course.



"Success is a journey, not a destination. The doing is often more important than the outcome."
Arthur Ashe







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