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Services - Research and Feasibility

We provide outsource support to companies looking to undertake research and gain market knowledge about existing and new services, answering the classic questions such as...

How do we do that?

Is that a market we want to get into?

Where do we get the resource to find that out?

Cowden can find answers to your questions, open doors and markets. We research market entry, positioning, optimum pricing and the delivery. Effective and focused - enabling you to seize the opportunities available to your business, quickly and efficiently.

Cowden can bring new ideas to life - new markets - new opportunities, assessing the opportunity and the options. We find windows of opportunity - so you can take them in the most efficient manor. We can support and develop your sustainable advantage enabling you to adapt and respond to rapidly changing market conditions.

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Did you know: Globally there are over 9,800 patents granted annually.



"The desire, and the ability, of an organisation to continuously learn from any source, anywhere, and to rapidly convert this learning into action, is its ultimate competitive advantage."
Jack Welch







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